Customer Feedback Notes

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I got my glasses and they absolutely amazing!

Again many thanks to you and your colleagues, I’m really happy to wear them.
Have a nice weekend.
Best regards,


This week we received our first feedback from our new Feefo (see below) account, and we wanted to share this with customers who might be considering trying us.  Like most companies, we pay very close attention to the feedback we get from our customers.  We want to do the best possible job we can for them, both because it’s the right thing to do and because we want to avoid a ‘one bad review on Yelp and you are doomed’ scenario.

As of this writing (July 18, 2017) we have had the pleasure of serving customers in the following countries: the UK, Canada, the US, Australia, Switzerland, Portugal, and Latvia.  The team here is quite international and we are as comfortable working with customers in one country as in another.

To collect reviews, we use a third party company, Feefo, which specialises in collecting and presenting customer feedback.  By using a third party to collect reviews, rather than doing it in-house, we think the reviews provided are more useful to potential customers.  We chose Feefo because of the quality of their existing client list and because it is very clear that they are serious about not allowing fake reviews on their platform.  We have seen that on many third party review platforms there is an abundance of fake reviews, and we would like to prevent that from being the case with us.

Feefo allows us to collect independent feedback about the quality of the services we provide, and in the quality of products we sell.

Feefo: third party review collector.

Here is some of the feedback which we have received:

“They [Jack & Francis Adair Vintage Tortoise] are great, really pleased with them. — N. K., customer from Canada (July 19, 2017).

“It was a great experience – price and product. Only downside it took a while for delivery – but it did have to travel from U.K. To Australia, so understandable.  Glasses [Jack & Francis Connor Moonlight Tortoise] were great and priced well too. — M. F., customer from Australia (July 17, 2017).

“Thank you for reaching out in follow up. The glasses [Battatura Cristiano Blonde Tortoise] arrived expeditiously, sooner than expected. Good look, good material.  You guys did an excellent job from a continent and an ocean away, and I certainly would buy from you again. ” –H. N., Customer from USA (July 11, 2017).

Our feedback so far may give the impression that we are normally selling all over the world.  In fact most our customers to date are in the UK and Canada, but because our Feefo account is new we have not as yet received any feedback from them.  Get your head in the game, British people!  In all seriousness we do expect to start receiving feedback via Feefo and this will be reflected in our Feefo account as it comes in.

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