Easy Optical introduces the James Dean eyewear collection

James Dean Eyewear

Easy Optical to proud to introduce the James Dean™ eyewear collection.

The James Dean™ eyewear collection pays homage to the widely admired actor whose electric on-screen presence and famously thrill-seeking private life fascinates to this day. Dean’s brief but brilliantly intuitive acting career secured him legendary status as the embodiment of the “Rebel Without a Cause”.

The James Dean™ eyewear collection seeks to evoke the star’s timeless, masculine style with a collection of frames that are as relevant today as Dean was in the 1950’s.

The collection includes sunglasses with UV-400 protection lenses as well as prescription-ready glasses with standard single-vision lenses included.

Easy Optical offers a wide range of quality frames, a reputable UK-based optical laboratory, free shipping and great customer service.

Click here to see our entire James Dean range on Pinterest or go directly to https://www.easyoptical.com/james-dean.html

Easy Optical presents the Crosshatch Eyewear Collection

Crosshatch Eyewear | Easy Optical

Easy Optical is excited to present the Crosshatch Eyewear collection.

Crosshatch is a modern clothing brand based in Manchester, reflecting the city’s vibrant music scene by using bold graphics and intense colours.

The eyewear collection captures the unique Crosshatch attitude.

Crosshatch Eyewear for Women collection emphasises innovative design, attention to detail and bold colour palettes to make them stand out from the crowd. Whilst remaining true to the Crosshatch brand ethos the female eyewear series carries the unique Crosshatch attitude along with it all the way.

The Crosshatch Men’s eyewear collection reflects these factors, and is designed exclusively for young, modern males, featuring cutting-edge frames using dynamic and vivid designs.

Crosshatch is a brand to enjoy.

Easy Optical offers a wide range of quality frames, a reputable UK-based optical laboratory, free shipping and great customer service.

Click here to see our entire Crosshatch range on Pinterest or go directly to https://www.easyoptical.com/crosshatch.html

Understanding your prescription – part 1

The first of a series of blogs explaining how to interpret your glasses prescription and how to then use your prescription to order glasses online.

Part 1 – Reading your prescription

One of the mysteries of buying a pair of prescription glasses is understanding how to interpret the jargon on your prescription.

After your eye test, your optician is legally obliged to give you a copy of your prescription after your eye test so don’t forget to ask for a copy.

In the UK, In order for your prescription to be valid, you must be over 18 years of age, not registered blind or partially blind and your Eye test must have taken place within the last two years. If you are over 70 years of age your eye test must be less than one year old.

Although the exact terminology may differ slightly, all prescriptions contain the information required to create the appropriate corrective lenses for you.

Your optician will normally tell you which type of glasses you require during your eye exam and explain their likely use. For example, Distance for driving, Reading for your phone or a book. These are prescriptions for Single Vision lenses.

If you are over 40, you make find that you need glasses for both distance and close-up. In this case, your optician will advise multifocal lenses – possibly the more traditional bifocal lens, which offers two distinct fields of vision – distance and reading or more likely, the modern progressive lens, which offers distance and reading corrections in a more modern, multifocal lens, normally computer-designed for greater accuracy.

In our next blog, we’ll explain the Pupillary Distance (PD) and how it is an integral part of your prescription – and isn’t normally included, so be sure to ask your optician for it after your eye test.

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